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In a set of short posts, I’ll show famous constellations and (my own) photos of them. I start from Lyra, one of the three members of summer triangle

lyra, recorded with Canon EOS 400D, 4 min exposure, f=55mm, f/5.6, ISO 1600. The observing site had a height of about 2000 m and Lyra had an altitude about 70 deg.


Alpha Lyra, Vega, is one of the brightest in the sky. It is very similar to our own Sun. In Lyra can be found the planetary nebula M57,.  M57 is also known as the “Ring Nebula“. It is one of the best known of all planetary nebulae.

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You have said more than you realize

“You have said more than you realize”, said Don Quijote, “for there are some,
who exhaust themselves in learning and investigating things which, once known and
verified, add not one jot to our understanding or our memory”. M. de Cervantes Saavedra, 1615

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