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Python pip

pip is a very helpful command to install python package either with or without root password. You can install a fresh python binding in your home directory. To install pip, you can do one of the following depending if you use redhat/centos/fedora or Debian/ubuntu:

Debian:  #apt-get install python-pip

Fedora: # yum install python-pip     (on fedora 23, yum was replaced by dnf).

then, you can easily use yum to manage your python packages:

$pip install numpy –user      # –user indicates that you install it in your home directory

$pip install numpy –upgrade   # to upgrade an installed package

$pip uninstall numpy

$pip show numpy    # This will show the installed version and directory of a package

Name: numpy
Version: 1.8.2
Location: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

$pip list       # it will print a list of installed packages with their versions.
$pip list –outdated      # check each package with the latest available version and remark the outdated ones.
the following reviews everything and reports about problems:

# pip-review

What can be installed with pip?

There are several thousand packages that can be installed via pip. I do NOT recommend to click on this link (the page is very big). The easiest way to check if a particular package exists in pip is the following command:

$ pip search numpy

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