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I have used the famous Losmandy G-11 mount for a few years. It is a super heavy mount. You need quiet a bit of force to move it around. The mount was serviced recently and with a rough polar alignment, it allowed us to have exposures of up to five minutes at a focal length of 300 mm.

close-up view of Losmandy G11 mount.

close-up view of Losmandy G-11 mount.

The Losmandy G11 mount.

The Losmandy G-11 mount.

The ball-head to connect DSLR cameras.

The ball head to connect DSLR cameras.

The ball head allows you to point the camera to any direction of the sky very easily. Depending on the weight of the camera and lens, you should think of a ball which has a diameter of at least 30-40mm for a 5 kg load.

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Debian 8 (Jessie)

Recently I bought a Lenovo T430 on eBay. The main reason I didn’t like T440 or T540 was it’s absolutely horrible touchpad ! After buying the Lenovo T430 with Windows 7, the most trivial step was to install a Linux on it. For that, I have experienced Debian, Kubuntu, Fedora, and Centos for two weeks on VirtualBox on my old laptop (T530). Since I was using Debian from Debian Sarge (3)  till Debian Wheezy (7), it was not a surprise to me that I converged to Debian.

Debian made a fantastic job and in the live environment, it had no problem with lan, wireless, or sound. I had a familiar package manager, synaptic, and instantly after installation activated some multimedia and backports for non-free libs.

Debian Jessie Desktop

Debian Jessie Desktop

Debian automatically configured the F-keys so all of them work out of the box. The only thing I had to change was the behaviour of the touchpad, so I can tap on the touchpad and the system recognise that as a click.

I installed KDE 4 as my default desktop environment and all of the familiar packages like emacs, kstars, digikam, gimp, etc.

Numeric libraries like ATLAS, LAPACK, BLAS, FFTW, CFITSIO, openmpi, etc can be easily installed either via synaptic or simply running the following as root:

#apt-get install fftw

Compared to old days, Debian is now so user friendly that it does not require much experience to either install or configure it.

Science Packages

Debian also offers “science” packages like science-physics, science-mathematics, etc. Each science package is a group of many packages in that category. So installing one science package will install all of them. There are also -dev version for science packages.

Firefox on Debian

There is no particular advantage over Debian brand of Firefox called icedove and the Mozilla versin of Firefox. However I decided to install Firefox instead of icedove since I had Fedora17 on my previous laptop so I could move all my Firefox profile like bookmarks, saved passwords, etc directly to Debian, and it was fairly easy.

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